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An intro to my TSOTL fic

Author: clonesgirl
Fandom: The Sinking of the Laconia
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None

Somehow I've been so busy writing fic that I never got around to writing an intro to this series. Although I wrote an article early on I've never written anything on all the other TSOTL fic I've written since. So here's the intro, if a belated one. In fact that's not the only thing that's belated - ah, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

In March 2014 I decided to stay up and watch both parts of a BBC mini series I'd never heard of previously entitled The Sinking of the Laconia. This mini series was said to be based on a true WW2 incident. Well the more I watched the more I was intrigued and I subsequently read up on it as well as buying the DVD. However, as a slash writer I was inevitably drawn to the relationship between the commander of the U-boat and the young British officer whose ship was sunk by the former. Of course it was this relationship which inevitably led me to writing fic.

Because of events which took place during the war these two men were destined never to meet again in real life. This, in turn, led to certain plot developments designed to not only allow me to reunite them but enable them to serve together in a world where they would not have to guard against other people finding out about their relationship or be shot for collaborating with the enemy. This A/U is a world where in some respects events are reversed especially with regard to U-boats as they no longer sink ships - well very seldom - but escort and protect them. They are still doing hazardous work as the war is bleeding over into their universe and they have to be on their guard. So, yes, you will find some death and destruction as they have various adventures in their new lives, notably rescuing people like themselves who have arrived fresh from war situations, meeting old friends, encountering a hijacking and various hazardous events in which they may have to rescue each other. However, most of all this is a love story and what started out in a time of war continues, only growing stronger.

There are various OCs they meet along the way including one who becomes a true friend - no, this is not a menage - and lots of others, some good, some they wish they'd never met and a whole bunch of senior officers they have to take orders from and who are fond of critiquing their methods when things don't go according to plan, which is often the case.

I should also add a bit about the ships - and I mean real ships, not relationships - and there are several, all tragically sunk in war and other circumstances and all now back to their newly minted glory. One in particular plays a role in these fics and she's quite a character in her own right.

Back to the belated bit. This particular mini series was actually four years old by the time I discovered it - and was a repeat. Unfortunately, I somehow missed it the first time around. So, as you can tell, I've come to it very late, too late for there to be the remotest interest in it as most people saw it some five years ago and have long since forgotten it ever existed. I so wish there had been some other TSOTL slash as I'd love to read some but have been unable to find any. In any case I've enjoyed writing it and hope to continue to do so.